figwheel-testbook: My first Clojure(script) release

I've been using Clojure(script) for a few years now. Here's my first open source release, prepare yourself for some life-changing TDD system:


The cljs ecosystem has a pretty slick tool called fighweel. It compiles, serves and auto-reload your code on every change.

If you write clojurescript, I guess you are already using it.

figwheel-testbook, link below, is a minimal test runner and reporter that runs in your browser. The goal is to write and fix tests as fast as you develop your app.

This won't replace devcards and doo, but:

  • devcards won't deal with fixtures,
  • doo can be cryptic and buggy. I often get few or no visual feedback when a test fail or doo crashes.

I wrote this to see how much benefits I could get from having tests in figwheel. The result has been a muuuuuch more comfortable experience to write and fix tests.

The repo is on github: lsenta/figwheel-testbook.

This is my first release, so please take the time to test, share, comment, open issues & pull requests!

You can get me on twitter (@laurentsenta), mastodon (@[email protected]) or Clojurians' Slack (@lsenta).